UI / UX Designs

Ecommerce System


Project Brief A n ecommerce system was implemented on BeeMelodic.com for selling digital music files. It consists of multiple projects, one of which is currently in process and involves creating a credit card payment system for subscriptions. Project Details Categories: Custom Websites UI / UX Designs API Integrations [...]

Automated Email Reports System


Project Brief Ninja Reports is an SaaS that generates automated email reports for its subscribers. This project involved creating an MVP using Laravel Spark. The software itself will allow users to connect certain APIs and retrieve data from them. Project Details Categories: Custom Websites UI / UX Designs API [...]

Volunteering Platform


Project Brief Volunty is a corporate volunteering platform that promotes employee engagement. It was an existing website that built with PHP on a Laravel framework and allowed members to sign in, create profiles, view recorded activity, send emails, among other basic functions. The website modifications included updating the homepage with new videos, pictures, [...]

Website Updates


Project Brief Thanks.org is a donor management website and required updates to add a checkbox to make the receipt portion optional in the single email card creation so that if the box is unchecked, no receipt is created and sent and it is not visible from the private card. Similarly, it needed to hide [...]

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